Sustainable Textiles: Standards, Certificates, Labels

Berlin, Germany

06 Abril 2017 - 07 Abril 2017

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Berlin, Germany

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Training Sustainable Textiles

The management, monitoring and communication of environmental and social aspects is increasingly important. Standards, certificates and labels are major tools used in this context. But which instruments are appropriate for which purpose? Which topics and steps in the value creation process are covered? How credible are they? What are their benefits, where are the limitations? And how can they be implemented and integrated into more comprehensive management structures? The BSD training “Sustainable Textiles: Standards, Certificates, Labels” supports you in answering these questions.

Content: The 2-day training “Sustainable Textiles: Standards, Certificates, Labels” covers the following topics:

Part I: Benefits and limitations

  • Benefits of standards, certificates and labels (i.a. standardization, monitoring, communication)
  • Limitations of certification (i.a. control / audits / samples as one part - importance of transparency, stakeholder engagement and continuous management processes)

Part II: Overview, classification and comparison

  • The most important concepts and terms (i.a. standards, accreditation, certification)
  • Assessment and categorization (i.a. according to organizational structure, topics, application, examination, relevance)
  • Tools and databases to support classification and assessment (i.a. Ecolabel Index, Label Online, Siegelklarheit)

Part III: The most important practitioners` questions and implementation steps

  • The most important practitioners` questions (i.a. which standards? which management structures? which monitoring? which communication?)
  • Steps for successul implementation (i.a. preparation, implementation, inspection, communication)

Format: The 2-day training comprises - apart from the input sessions by the trainer - several interactive sessions to practice, apply and discuss the learnings.

Target group: The training is designed for employees of sustainability / CSR, strategy, communication, sourcing and marketing departments from companies in the textile and apparel sector as well as related industries. Other stakeholders who are professionals in the field aiming for a comprehensive overview on standards, certificates and labels are also welcome.

Certificate of attendance: We can issue certificates of attendance if required.

Trainer: Sophia Opperskalski, M.Sc. in Integrated Natural Resource Management, is sustainability consultant for BSD Consulting based in Berlin. She has more than 5 years experience in sustainable textiles and supports companies in the development of sustainablity strategies, mangement systems and sustainable sourcing. Through projects with companies in Europe and Asia she has comprehensive experience in the assessment and implementation of sustainability standards in international value chains.

Price: regular: 580€ plus VAT; early bird: 490€ plus VAT if registration until 15th of March

Closing date: Deadline for registration is the 31st of March 2017. Early bird until 15th of March.


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