Resilient climate strategies: Our approach to implement the TCFD recommendations

Sustainable climate strategies: Our approach to implement the TCFD recommendations

With our proven approach to implementing the TCFD recommendations, we will accompany your company on the way to a sustainable climate strategy in line with the goals of the Paris agreement.

Is your company ready for the 2°C target?

Climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest - that is what the federal government’s climate strategy stipulates. Companies are required to demonstrate the climate risks of their business model and present sustainable strategies, targets and measures.

The demands placed on companies by various stakeholders continue to grow steadily. First and foremost are investors, who demand transparency with regard to the financial impacts of climate-related changes so that they can integrate these into their investment decisions.

How can climate-related risks and opportunities be measured and mapped?

The “Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures” (TCFD) has defined the basis for climate reporting that is relevant from an investor’s perspective. It is therefore imperative that these should be incorporated into the development of sustainability and climate strategies in companies, which are resilient and financially viable for the future.

According to the Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF), climate-related risks occupy the top three places among the biggest problems to which the global community must adapt. The recommendations of the TCFD allow the associated entrepreneurial risks and opportunities to be systematically identified and addressed.

How do you reduce climate-related risks and at the same time exploit opportunities for your company?

BSD Consulting has accompanied the development of effective sustainability strategies in more than 100 projects. Our team will be happy to support you in integrating the TCFD recommendations into your strategy and reporting.

Our proven approach for a successful climate strategy based on TCFD includes 6 steps. The overall objective is to examine the resilience of the business strategy against the background of climate-related risks and opportunities and to adapt it in such a way that it is financially viable in the long term, while complying with the goals of the Paris agreement (compatibility with 2°C scenario).

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We are looking forward to exchanging our recommendations with you, share experiences, tips and tricks or discuss a concrete project.

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