SDGs: Why, What and How

SDG’s: Why, What and How

The Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short, enable companies to align their activities with global sustainability priorities.

BSD Consulting summarized their experiences from the SDG projects in four steps to address the SDGs (download the document here) and answers the most frequently asked questions below. Do you want to prioritize and apply the SDGs for your business? Register for our SDG-Workshop on May 23, 2019. We guide you step by step through the SDGs and explain with examples how to use the SDGs pragmatically and effectively for your company.

    1. What can you do to prioritize the 17 SDGs?
    While universally valid, SDGs help companies focus on the key SDGs they can use to implement effective measures and programs. We recommend linking the SDGs to the main topics and align your sustainability strategy to the SDGs. The concrete procedure in four steps can be found here.

      2. Did the SDGs come to stay?
      Yes, there are essentially three important facts:
      The SDGs are based on the 2030 Agenda, an internationally based and irreversible framework for solving global challenges. This gives you the confidence to bet on the right horse. In addition, the global targets are also being implemented in Switzerland and Germany. In Switzerland, for example, the 2030 Agenda is part of the Sustainable Development Strategy of the Confederation. The visibility and importance of the SDGs means that they play the role of a common language between different stakeholders. Regardless if you speak with governments, Non-governmental organizations, suppliers or local communities, the SDGs allow you to communicate and evaluate your posts across multiple addressees.

        3. Are SDG contributions evaluated in sustainability ratings?
        Yes, corporate contributions to sustainable development are increasingly being evaluated in sustainability ratings. For example, the oekom Sustainability Solutions Assessment 15 defines objectives by which the contributions of the product and service portfolio are examined. This SDG Impact component is included in the overall rating of the companies and is gaining significance in addition to the classic ESG rating.

          4. How small may a company be to define SDGs and identify contributions?
          Any business, regardless of size, can use the SDGs as a low-threshold framework to identify key contributions to sustainable development.

            5. Is there an SDG standard for reporting?
            No. However, there are several publications by GRI and / or Global Compact to assist organizations in dealing with SDGs and reporting. For example:

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