Storytelling: Beyond Mere Report Compilation

Storytelling: Beyond Mere Report Compilation

Sustainability reports often are bulky documents, and many fail to reach their audience. Our tailor-made in-house-workshops (currently offered in the German speaking countries only) and two recently published articles in German show you how to go from uninspired sustainability reporting to reader-friendly sustainability storytelling.

Sustainability communication shows a leveling with regards to GRI-criteria. Many reports lack an own style and an own story and therefore hardly reach their readers. Concurrently, the moment for a target-specific approach in communication is now favorable, with the new GRI G4 guidelines, but also the IR-framework for Integrated Reporting providing an ideal basis.

It is possible to improve the communication significantly with a few targeted elements. Based on findings from audience reception research we help you in our workshops develop approaches for a more attractive story design and storytelling of your sustainability performance – and support you in laying the foundations for a sustainability communication which reaches its readers.

The workshops are organised in collaboration with a partner, Patrick Probst from komform. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Irene Perrin,, 044 260 69 27.

Please note that the workshops are offered only from our Zurich office at the moment, in German language.

To read the background articles (only available in German); please follow the indicated download link on the right side of this webpage.