Integrated Reporting in Mauritius: A conversation with our IR Training Partner

Beat Grüninger, BSD's managing partner in Brazil spoke with Ali Jamaloodeen, CEO of Anglo African Enterprises, our IR training partner in Mauritius, to learn more about the uptake and benefits of Integrated Reporting in that country.

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BSD Consulting brings to Brazil, supporting responsible consumption by providing consumers with accessible and comprehensive information on energy efficient products.

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Extended producer responsibility in emerging markets: Improving recyclables recovery in Asia-Pacific

Rapid economic growth is increasing the amount of waste in emerging markets to levels beyond what their current collection, recycling and disposal infrastructure can handle. As a result, recycling rates for recyclable packaging waste often remain low. Multinational companies (MNCs) play a role in this development as they introduce their products into these markets. BSD Consulting is working with local stakeholders to increase recycling rates and improve lives on the ground.

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Tensquared, das neue Rapid-Result-Programm in Brasilien

Im Juni 2013 startete BSD Consulting ein innovatives Programm in Brasilien, das auf der neuen Rapid-Result-Methode basiert, die vom Rapid Results Institut (RRI) in Partnerschaft mit Social Accountaility International (SAI) und mit finanzieller Unterstützung der Disney Foundation entwickelt wurde.

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Blog-Eintrag zu Wesentlichkeitsanalyse: Priorisierung der relevanten Nachhaltigkeitsthemen für Unternehmen

In ihrem Blog erklärt Joyce Fernandes das Wesentlichkeitskonzept.

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