Integrating SDGs into the core business

Zurich, Switzerland

03 Octubre 2019 - 03 Octubre 2019

Using SDGs strategically and communicating effectively

Idioma del evento: German

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Pfingstweidstrasse 16
8005 Zürich
Zurich, Switzerland

Descripción del Evento:

Since the inception of the SDGs, business has grappled with how best to address these goals in their sustainability strategies. This training will look at trends, best practices, standards and stakeholder expectations and highlight the efforts of companies and investors to integrate SDGs into their strategic thinking. How are SDG metrics becoming increasingly important for stakeholders? What trends can we expect? Do companies give stakeholders the information they need about SDGs? And how should companies communicate their efforts to fully understand their impact and provide an accurate and comparable account of their efforts?

Date: Thursday, 03. October 2019, 9am – 5.30 pm
Location: Pfingstweidstrasse 16, 8005 Zürich, 1st floor (5‘ from Hardbrücke)
Cost: CHF 790 (including training documents, catering and lunch), CHF 700 for BSD clients and GCNS members

09:00 – 09:15 Welcome
09:15 – 10:00 Understanding sustainable development
10:00 – 10:05 How to address the SDGs: 4 steps
10:05 – 10:30   Step 1: Understanding the SDGs
10:45 – 11:15   Step 2: Mapping the SDGs
11:30 – 15:45   Step 3: Setting goals (including lunch)
15:45 – 16:45   Step 4: Reporting on the SDGs
16:45 – 17:10 What’s next?
17:10 – 17:30 Conclusions and wrap-up

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The training is provided in collaboration with the UN Global Compact Network Switzerland

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