Better sustainability decisions through Impact Assessments

A success story of dormakaba

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ELEVATE adquiere BSD Consulting

ELEVATE acquires BSD Consulting

La integración de BSD expande la presencia de ELEVATE en Europa y América Latina y fortalece aún más la oferta de consultoría de sostenibilidad y cadena de suministro del grupo.

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A better way to set good goals

What constitutes a good goal? SMART alone is not enough. BSD Consulting has evaluated insights from over 100 implemented strategy projects. Find out about our results!

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Fintech and sustainable development: The innovation race has started

BSD presented a new study at the 7th Impact Forum in Zurich, where the theme this year was “Sustainability and Digitalization”. The study highlights the disconnect between mainstream finance, financial technologies (fintech) and sustainable finance. It challenges Swiss financial institutions and fintech start-ups to collaborate with a new sense of purpose, building sustainable development goals into their new value propositions. This is what a younger generation of Millennial and Generation Z investors expect.

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Strategic significance of sustainability for the regional banks future viability

Invest in your expertise to identify new opportunities.

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