Reporting 3.0 is taking root through Blueprint Projects

Reporting 3.0 is taking root through Blueprint Projects

The Reporting 3.0 Platform keeps pioneering the development in the field of non-financial reporting. The current Virtual Dialogue and Working Group meetings on the early Exposure Drafts on the Blueprint Projects on Reporting and Data are underlining this development. Companies and interested organizations are invited to join the Blueprint Working Groups.

Despite the growing number of standards, initiatives and regulations to advance a common practice of non-financial reporting (e.g., GRI, IIRC, SASB, CDP, EU Directive) the current reporting landscape shows manifold gaps in order to support an inclusive and green economy.

Reporting 3.0 was established to contribute to close these gaps through co-creation, structuring and furthering the development of knowledge and solutions. Launched by BSD Consulting in 2012 on a project basis, Reporting 3.0 developed into a neutral and pre-competitive multi-stakeholder platform and think tank for the development of solution proposals with a global network of over 500 organisations. The Reporting 3.0 Steering Board represents this multi-stakeholder approach, consisting of experienced and well-connected experts from various types of organisations as for example the World Resources Institute, the IIRC, EY, the Crown Estate and the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development & Energy.

Drawing on the outcome of three international conferences, multiple regional roundtables and transition labs four areas of collaborative innovation have been identified and operationalized in four so called “Blueprint Projects”:

  1. Reporting - Reporting for a Green, Inclusive & Regenerative Economy
  2. Accounting - Accounting for Future-Fit Reporting
  3. Data - Data support for Multi-Capital Accounting
  4. New Business Models - Reporting demands from and for new Business Models

The Blueprint projects define the ecosystem for future-fit reporting practices and represent the heart of the Reporting 3.0 content development. The result of each Blueprint Project is a White Paper with the state-of-the-art methods, best practices and a gap-analysis towards a future-fit reporting practice including recommendations for the key players (standard setters, regulators, corporates, accountants, investors etc.) in the field.

The Reporting and Data Blueprints were launched in August 2016 under the lead of Ralph Thurm (BP1) and Bill Baue (BP3). For each Blueprint a Working Group – with representatives of relevant stakeholder groups – was set up, more than 350 reports, scientific papers and best practices analysed and categorized and White Paper Drafts developed. The Working Groups of the respective Blueprints will further grapple with the feedback from the Virtual Dialogue and identify areas in need of further coverage, research, and piloting. The final versions of the Reporting and Data Blueprint will be published in spring 2017.

The Accounting Blueprint was launched in November 2016 under the lead of Dr. Cornis van der Lugt. Currently, the Working Group is being set up and the White Paper table of content drafted. Interested companies and organizations are welcome to contact Cornis van der Lugt directly: c.vanderlugt(at)

As a pre-competitive and collaborative initiative the Reporting 3.0 Platform invites interested companies, organisations and academia to join, either as Institutional Partner or Blueprint Working Group member.

Contact: Peter Teuscher, Co-Founder of Reporting 3.0, p.teuscher(at)

Visit the Reporting 3.0 Website for further information.