Extended producer responsibility in emerging markets: Improving recyclables recovery in Asia-Pacific

Rapid economic growth is increasing the amount of waste in emerging markets to levels beyond what their current collection, recycling and disposal infrastructure can handle. As a result, recycling rates for recyclable packaging waste often remain low. Multinational companies (MNCs) play a role in this development as they introduce their products into these markets. BSD Consulting is working with local stakeholders to increase recycling rates and improve lives on the ground.

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Sustainability reporting standards in China

From a legal standpoint, sustainability reporting essentially remains voluntary in China. Nonetheless, there are several factors driving extra-financial reporting in the country, including general public interest, practices overseas, as well as some degree of government pressure.

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BSD China laza capacitaciones certificadas GRI

BSD China Launches the GRI Certified Trainings

BSD Consulting agregará a China a su programa de capacitación certificado de GRI (GRI Certified Training Program) y al acuerdo de licencia el Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), empezando en enero 2014.

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