CR Relevance matrix for the Swiss Post
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BSD Consulting supported the Swiss Post with the revision of the existing CR relevance matrix. For that, internal and external stakeholders were interviewed about their expectations and priorities. BSD Consulting’s services included:

- analysis of the sustainability context in which the Swiss Post is operating
- development of concept and guidelines for the questionnaire of the stakeholder survey
- support with the selection of relevant external stakeholders
- execution and analysis of the qualitative survey among external stakeholders
- reworking of the layout for the CR relevance matrix

BSD Consulting already supported the Swiss Post with their first stakeholder survey and development of the first relevance matrix in 2010. The CR relevance matrix has proven to be a valuable tool for the Swiss Post in keeping their sustainability strategy focused, to continuously developing it further and in considering their relevant stakeholders.

CR Relevance matrix for the Swiss Post

Abril 2015 - Octubre 2015

Since many years the Swiss Post is committed to sustainability and defined social and ecological fields of action within their sustainability strategy. During the preparation for the strategy period 2017 – 20 the CR relevance matrix was revised to serve as the basis for the future CR strategy. It was examined how existing fields of action should be developed further and which new focus areas should be established

  • Swiss Post
  • Transporte y logística
  • Zurich, Suiza
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