Human Rights Risk Assessment for Migros (2020)

Human Rights Risk Assessment for Migros

Noviembre 2019 - Marzo 2020

Migros is the largest retail company in Switzerland. Sustainability is part of the Migros culture and an integral component of its business activities. Economic, social and ecological goals are implemented along the entire value chain. As a basis for the further development of Migros' sustainable supply chain management, BSD Switzerland implemented a Human Rights Risk Assessment based on the United Nations “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights". The aim of the analysis was to identify potential human rights risks in selected supply chains of raw materials and product groups. Based on a qualitative expert assessment and external data sources (including the ELEVATE EiQ database), relevant human rights were evaluated in terms of the severity of a potential human rights violation and Migros' involvement in it. The impacts were assessed with reference to the groups affected. The evaluation supports Migros in prioritizing relevant human rights as well as critical raw materials and product groups, thereby enabling the definition of action steps to better address human rights risks.

  • Migros
  • Alimentos y bebidas
  • Zurich, Suiza
  • Derechos Humanos
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