IIRC Approved Training on Integrated Reporting - Practitioners Level

São Paulo, Brazil

21 February 2017 - 22 February 2017

IIRC approved training on strategies, concepts and operational management of Integrated Reporting & Integrated Thinking

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The way companies communicate their performance to investors is changing. The challenge of integrating the economic and financial performance with the non-financial performance, including intangibles and environmental issues, is gaining ground in the discussions and generates positive impacts to connect areas that now work in isolation, for example, connect the areas of controllership with areas of sustainability. The Integrated Reports are improving the way organizations think, plan, and report the story of their business.

The structure of Integrated Reporting, proposed by the International Integrated Reporting Council - IIRC, divides the aspects of business in six capital: Financial, Manufactured, Human, Intellectual, Natural, Social and Relationship, and causes reflections to promote an integrated vision of the business, helping businesses to strengthen through a solid future vision, clarity in generating value, and their impact and interdependence of capital.

BSD maintains a partnership with the University of Stellenbosch Business School to create the content and global license for training.

Competence Matrix:
The IR Competence Matrix has four areas of competence:

  • Integrated Reporting: a vision for a better corporate information
  • Integrated Thinking: the creation of value over time
  • Integrated report: communicating the value creation
  • Implementation of the Integrated Reporting: financial management to value management

The practitioners level complements the introductory level and encompasses the skill requirements for:

  • People who are involved in the Integrated Reporting process including those involved in preparing it.

Target Audience:

  • Managers of large national and multinational companies, responsible for the reporting of the organizations. This includes (but is not limited) managers in the areas of Social Responsibility / Sustainability, Strategy, Finance, Investor Relations, Corporate Affairs, Communication, Human Resources, Environmental Management, Risk Management, among others.
  • People responsible for financial and non-financial information in organizations, including financial reporting and sustainability
  • Analysts, assessors, investment portfolio managers, owners of financial assets
  • Regulators (including financial market regulators)

The concepts of Integrated Reporting are covered in the training itself. The prerequisite is familiarity with the concept and communication processes (for that, which means report, the value that the reports provide, how reports are used by internal and external stakeholders, what it takes to prepare a report ). It is recommended, however, that the participants read Framework before training. 

Program Content:

  • Integrated reporting: the vision for a better corporate information
  • Integrated thinking: the creation of value over time: value creation, capital and process; integrated thinking
  • Prepare the integrated report: the creation of value to communicate: Principles and Content elements
  • Integrated reporting Implementation: from financial management to value management.

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