Tensquared, the New Rapid Results Program in Brazil

Tensquared, the New Rapid Results Program in Brazil

In June 2013 BSD Consulting has initiated the implementation of an innovative program in Brazil, by using the new methodology of rapid results which was developed by the Rapid Results Institute (RRI), in partnership with Social Accountability International (SAI), and sponsored by the Disney Foundation.

The Rapid Results program aims to empower a working group composed by managers and workers representatives for the development and implementation of a rapid results project of 100 days, with focus on health and safety issues.

Below you can see some examples of the results achieved by the organizations:

  • 70,4% reduction in exposure time to dangerous substances.
  • Achieved reduction of 40% of absenteeism by end of the project, savings of 3,700 USD due to reduction of staff absenteeism.
  • Eliminated even 90% of burning potential exposure points, out of 207 identified points.
  • Reduce the average temperature down to 25 degrees through air ventilators designed internally with recycled metal components, saving 10,000 USD.

In total, 20 organizations have participated in the program, 180 workers and managers were engaged and approximately 1800 employees benefited from the program, which finished in May 2014.

The program is currently being implemented in Turkey. Furthermore, BSD Consulting in Brazil is already moving forward with the program planning for 2015. The program is renamed Tensquared. An addition to the program is the subject extension, which will open for environmental issues besides only health and safety issues.

Interested organizations can use the website www.resultadosrapidos.com.br to enroll for the executive briefing scheduled on Tuesday 27 January 2015.