BMW Group Sustainable Value Report 2018
Case Study

After having cooperated with the BMW Group in the elaboration of its previous Sustainable Value Reports (SVR) since 2013, BSD Consulting gave support and advice with regards to the SVR 2018.

The project included the following tasks:

  • Development of the report structure and report concept with consideration of the GRI Standards and the CSR RUG requirements.
  • Elaboration of recommendations with regards to key elements of the report, such as: Development of the strategic focus of the report; Inclusion of positions on key stakeholder issues.
  • Support of the content and data collection.
  • Editing of the text.

To develop the BMW Sustainable Value Report, BSD worked with an international project team, including consultants from the BSD offices in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

BMW Group Sustainable Value Report 2018

agosto 2018 - março 2019

BSD Consulting continues to support the BMW Group in maintaining its sustainability leadership in the automotive industry with the elaboration of the BMW Sustainable Value Report. The report includes the non-financial statement required by the German CSR Directive Implementation Act (CSR RUG) as well as the contents according to the Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative. BSD Consulting advised the BMW Group through the entire reporting process and gave substantial inputs to the development of the report content and structure. The BMW Sustainable Value Report 2018 is accessible here.

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  • Zurique, Suíça
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