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Case Study

To further promote sustainability in their supply chain, menuandmore partnered with BSD Consulting to improve their sustainable supply chain management. In a first step, the supplier code of conduct and subsequently the procurement policy of the company were revised. Building on this revision, BSD developed a rating system to assess the sustainability performance of suppliers and created a corresponding questionnaire for the data collection. These instruments enable menuandmore to evaluate with which measures their suppliers can improve environmental and social issues in their operations and their own supply chains. In order to implement long-term improvements in the value chain, menuandmore will start agreeing on development goals with key suppliers. Hence, BSD developed a target agreement system which allows menuandmore to define their own development goals with their major suppliers. Furthermore, the system also enables menuandmore to monitor separate contributions of its suppliers towards overall sustainability objectives.

With this project, BSD Consulting created an efficient and holistic approach to include suppliers in the sustainability efforts of menuandmore.

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Advancement of menuandmore's Sustainable Supply Chain Management

fevereiro 2016 - agosto 2016

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