Migros: Support of good social practice in the strawberry production in Huelva, South Spain
Case Study

Migros has a long history as a socially responsible company − its implementation of food safety, environmental and social standards in procurement started almost 30 years ago. Since then, consumers’ awareness of environmental and social conditions in global supply chains has been steadily increasing.

Since 2018 BSD supports Migros in a project with the objective of fostering social good practices in the cultivation of strawberries in Huelva, South Spain. The activities of BSD include the following:

• Study on key stakeholders related to social good practice in the cultivation of strawberries in Huelva.
• Identification of social topics based on a desk study, telephone interviews and online questionnaires with key stakeholders.
• Definition of a set of social objectives to be achieved as part of the initiative.
• Analysis of measures proposed by selected producers to achieve the objectives defined.
• Preparation and facilitation of round table discussions including representatives of the supermarkets, producers, NGOs and syndicates to review the measures proposed and define additional activities.
• Definition of the auditing process and elaboration of an audit checklist as basis for audits on the implementation status of the activities defined.
• Elaboration of an action plan to foster good social practice, considering the outcomes of the round table discussions, stakeholder consultations and audits.

In 2020, BSD implements a follow-up project on behalf of Migros. The project includes the following components:

• Review and follow-up of individual action plans elaborated by the participating suppliers to comply with the objectives defined.
• Development of a methodology for social audits.
• Consultancy to support a continuous improvement of the social performance.
• Preparation and facilitation of a stakeholder roundtable and workshops with the business partners of Migros in the region to exchange experience and raise awareness at farm management level.

Migros: Support of good social practice in the strawberry production in Huelva, South Spain

setembro 2018 - novembro 2019

Since 2018, BSD supports Migros, the largest retail company in Switzerland, through tailor-made consultancy services aiming to implement good social practices in the strawberry production in the province Huelva, South Spain. Migros achieves a socially responsible sourcing of strawberries by defining social best practice in dialogues with relevant stakeholders and supporting producers in the implementation process.

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