OECD Due Diligence for Responsible Supply Chains: Gap analysis for SIG Combibloc (2019)

setembro 2019 - dezembro 2019

SIG is one of the world’s leading solution providers for the food and beverage industry within the field of aseptic carton packs and filling technology. SIG follows its comprehensive sustainability strategy “Way Beyond Good” with the ambition to contribute to a net positive food and drink supply system. For this purpose, SIG has established a comprehensive sustainable supply chain management system and monitors, for example, supplier compliance with its own sustainability requirements from the Business Ethics Code (BEC) through independent sustainable supply chain initiatives. For the continuous improvement of SIG’s sustainable supply chain management, BSD has carried out a comparison of SIG’s activities with the requirements of the OECD «due diligence» guidelines for re-sponsible business conduct. Based on this, BSD developed specific recommendations for action to further develop the sustainable supply chain management at SIG. The results of this project confirm SIG's current approach and deliver an important contribution to the continuous improvement process and to the alignment with international standards.

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