Apparel and Textile Sector

Our Approach

Fashion and textile brands, retailers and suppliers face various sustainability challenges, like human rights, chemicals in the supply chain and circular economy. We support companies and public organisations in analysing relevant sustainability issues, defining strategies for change, implementing improvements at the company or the factory level and in communicating their sustainability activities. In our projects we often experience that companies which implement various solutions at the same time benefit from more efficient outcomes, higher credibility, and in some cases even less costs.

Apparel and Textile Sector

Sustainability trends & standards — Understand the relevant sustainability trends and standards in the textile industry. For our customers we write reports (e.g. industry sector reports, reports on subsectors or specific topics) and conduct benchmarks or gap-analyses.

Working conditions & human rights — Ensure that suppliers fulfil relevant social standards and human rights. We design supplier development programs in producing countries, which support companies in fulfilling social codes of conduct. These programs include trainings and workshops, work on corrective action plans. Also see our Sustainable Supply Chain Management Solution. | Available Course →

Chemical management & eco-efficiency in the supply chain — Reduce the environmental footprint in your supply chain. We support companies in implementing chemical management systems according to ZHDC or DETOX demands, and we help companies manage their water or carbon management. We also help reduce non-product output (NPO), which helps achieve tangible cost savings through the reduction of input, processing and disposal costs. Also see our Climate Change and Environmental Services Solution.

Sustainable materials and collections — The biggest environmental impacts are identified in the fibre and material production. Reduce the negative impacts in the supply chain by developing a sustainable fibre strategy. We help you assess the social and environmental impacts of materials and fibres, identify gaps and improvement opportunities and develop a sustainable collection.

Circular economy / zero waste — The industry needs to move from a linear to a circular economy, which requires a complete new thinking. We introduce your company to the topic, help you improve the collection of textile waste in your stores or a region or develop a whole new strategy for your company.

Change Management Programs (Ten Squared) — Organizational change and innovation projects are perfect for an industry that has a stabilized production process. The Ten Squared methodology assists in the design, development, implementation and measurement of results obtained with changes and innovations generated through the engagement between managers and workers, addressing issues of health and safety, environment and productive efficiency.

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