Strategy and Management Systems

Our Approach

The sustainability agenda presents organizations with complex challenges, as well as opportunities to enhance competitiveness. We work with our clients and their stakeholders to identify, anticipate and understand key issues, and support the development of strategies, systems, cultures and roadmaps towards sustainable management.

Value creation opportunities, risks and responsibilities are rapidly changing. Sustainable organizations understand their societal landscape, their stakeholders and relevant social, economic, environmental, and governance issues. They integrate ‘the long term’ into their thinking and align themselves towards clear priorities and goals.

Strategy and Management Systems

ANTENNA© — Identify key trends, frameworks, stakeholder perceptions and best practices in relation to our client’s activities and objectives. Present insights, knowledge and examples.

Materiality analysis — Prioritize issues based on their strategic relevance and stakeholder’s expectations. Sustainability is complex, and focus is crucial.

Risk assessment — Support our clients in understanding emerging risks and challenges, and in aligning existent risk management systems.

Performance assessment — Evaluate current performance on key governance, social and environmental issues, and provide recommendations our clients can act upon. We use existent frameworks and standards as reference to identify gaps and opportunities. Examples of frameworks and standards our experts use are: GRI, Global Compact, Fairtrade, ISO 26000, AA1000, ETHOS Indicators, Principles for Responsible Investment, and Sustainability Indexes of stock markets.

Benchmarking — Provide performance comparison with competitors, standards and norms requirements and support the strategic positioning of our clients.

Sustainability roadmap — Create visions and strategic frameworks towards sustainability. Define objectives and indicators for key issues. Identify, improve and create initiatives and management systems.

Alignment — Align governance systems and processes. Train persons in charge and implement change programs. Integrate sustainability performance criteria into existing incentives and evaluation schemes.

Climate Resilience — Determine the business potential of climate-resilient products and develop comprehensive climate-resilient business models. Create technological road maps, business and value added creation models, and low carbon or decarbonisation strategies. Adopt technological revolutions (factor x4 + gains in resource use/GHG emissions + waste production) and evolutions (factor x4 - gains in resource use/GHG emissions + waste production):

  • Buildings and construction
  • Transportation
  • Chemicals and Advanced Materials
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Green Products
  • Water
  • Pollution and Waste
  • Energy

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