Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Our Approach

Companies are more and more expected to take responsibility for social and environmental issues in their supply chain. We analyze supply chains of private and public organizations to identify how key sustainability issues are being managed. The development of capacities, reliable relationships and systems is key for the establishment of sustainable supply chains. We work with suppliers towards innovation, fair labor conditions and environmental stewardship and help our clients to establish a risk based procurement practice.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Supply chain assessment — Analyze supply chains and identify the hot spots with regard to social and ecological exposure, as well as innovation possibilities. Our analytical tools cover: strategic objectives and risk hot spot analysis (products/suppliers), stakeholder expectations, trends and best practice benchmarking.

Sustainable supply chain management systems — We design custom-made solutions and a clear roadmap to ensure effective risk management, collaboration, and innovation across the supply chain. We also develop policies and codes to be used, monitoring systems, capacity development initiatives, integration into existing processes and structures, and operational plans.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Trainings — Guide training participants through the process of establishing a Sustainable Supply Chain Management and support them to systematically manage environmental and social issues in their global supply chains. | Available Course →

Monitoring services — Support our clients in monitoring sustainable practices throughout the supply chain in line with existing codes and standards. We work in line with codes and standards like SA8000, Fairtrade, BSCI, ETI, Corporate Codes of Conduct, Global Compact. We provide full outsourcing packages: get signed codes of conducts and self-assessments from suppliers, provide factory visits, identify corrective action needs, establish action plans, perform third party audits and coach implementation of corrective actions.

Supplier development programs — Design and implement full-fledged programs to generate knowledge, raise awareness and understanding, and develop capacities in suppliers for sustainable management (social compliance, environmental management and ethics).

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