Milene Navarro Almeida

Milene Navarro Almeida - Brazil
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+55 11 3051 4600


Milene Navarro Almeida has a bachelor's at Environmental Management from University of São Paulo (USP - ESALQ) in Brazil and specialist at Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Management from Campinas University (UNICAMP). Her main areas of work are stakeholder engagement, sustainable supply chain management, sustainable investments such as IFC (International Finance Corporation), sustainability indexes such as ISE (Bovespa Corporate Sustainability Index), sustainability reports such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), sustainability business intelligence systems, environmental and social auditing and compliance, environmental management systems, environmental education and other areas of sustainability. She worked with national and international clients, from the financial, sugar cane and alcohol, energy, real estate, mining, oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals and telecommunications sectors. She is proficient in Portuguese and English and conversational in Spanish. She is also and trainer of the GRI Certified Training Course and leard auditor at ISO 14001:2004. Milene has more than 9 years of experience as a consultant in planning, execution and management of projects.

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