BSD Consulting supported Philipp Morris International in materiality assessment

Philipp Morris International (PMI) materiality assessment (2018-19)

August 2018 - February 2019

BSD Consulting supported Philipp Morris International (PMI) in a comprehensive sustainability materiality assessment to identify and prioritize key sustainability issues and to further embed sustainability across the company. The sustainability materiality assessment included identifying potentially relevant sustainability topics in a broad context analysis, conducting 48 interviews with internal and external stakeholders and issuing an online survey, assessing PMI’s sustainability impacts, prioritizing the topics in the PMI sustainability materiality matrix, mapping these with the SDGs and allocating the topics to the existing strategy framework. This process allowed PMI to identify the topics that matter most and to foster a common understanding on sustainability in the company.

  • Philipp Morris International
  • Agriculture and fishery
  • Electronics
  • Household and personal products
  • Zurich, Switzerland
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