Capacity Building in Stakeholder Engagement for Votorantim Institute
Case Study

Based on Votorantim’s Stakeholder Engagement Manual, BSD Brazil structured workshops and tools to enable units to map and prioritize its stakeholders, identify material issues, define engagement objectives, and create action plans to build Votorantim’s relationship with stakeholders. The plans focus mainly on local community development, social and environmental impacts, supply chain, image, and reputational issues and internal processes. Some of the local initiatives became a group process due to the results achieved and served as inputs on similar issues in other units. The Votorantim Institute has launched case studies showing quantitative and qualitative results of this work.

Capacity Building in Stakeholder Engagement for Votorantim Institute

May 2009 - Present

The Votorantim Institute developed a Stakeholder Engagement Manual based on AA1000 Assurance Standard to guide the business units in the process of stakeholder engagement. BSD Consulting implemented the manual through capacity building in the units´ internal groups to map their stakeholders, classify issues, and develop an engagement plan. So far there are 18 units in this process − from various sectors such as cellulose, cement, steel, metal, energy, and orange juice.

  • Votorantim Institute
  • Industry
  • Metals and mining
  • São Paulo, Brazil