Development of a Business Plan for a Base of the Pyramide Project
Case Study

The end result of this business plan is the AEROFEEDER, a device developed by the Catalan organizations FEMAC, MaqCentre, and IRTA. It improves the profitability of farmers that produce scrimps with basic methods. The plan will be supplemented with representation and support services that encourage the development of value chains and good aquaculture practices.

For the development of the business plan, BSD collaborates with the organization ‘Laboratorio Base de Pirámide’.
The first tests of the AEROFEEDER may be seen in this Youtube video.

Development of a Business Plan for a Base of the Pyramide Project

October 2011 - January 2012

ACC1Ò is a Catalan public agency, which supports the competitiveness of companies by promoting innovation, internationalization, and attraction of investors. Mandated by ACC1Ò, the team of BSD Consulting in Spain develops a business plan for a base of the pyramid project. This project aims to define a sustainable business model that generates income and promotes development in poor regions of developing countries.

  • ACC1Ó
  • Agriculture and fishery
  • Government and public agencies
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Community involvement and development
Project Consultants