Engagement and Materiality for Sustainability Report 2010 for Zilor
Case Study

The actions developed by BSD Brazil helped Zilor in the materiality definition of issues to be addressed in its 2010 Sustainability Report, incorporating the perspective of internal and external stakeholders. The process was subsidized by two consultation meetings − one with the internal public and another with the external public, where representatives from the community and local governments participated. In addition to the external panel, telephonic and email consultations were held with stakeholders abroad. The process resulted in the Materiality Matrix, which provided insight into the main demands and issues of interest to stakeholders. This contributed, therefore, to the improvement of the report.

Engagement and Materiality for Sustainability Report 2010 for Zilor

January 2011 - April 2011

Zilor requested a project, initiated in 2008, to continue the consultation process with stakeholders in order to prepare the 2010 Sustainability Report. The proposal was directed at developing actions to engage with internal and external stakeholders (including international operations) to support the definition of the most relevant issues addressed in the report.

  • Zilor
  • Energy
  • São Paulo, Brazil