Guideline for sustainable procurement for Helvetia
Case Study

The essential element of the internal procurement guideline is the compilation of information sheets about selected product groups. In close collaboration with Helvetia, BSD revised these information sheets and developed specific and easy-to-use notes and recommendations on sustainable procurement of various goods and services. The revised guideline is a practical tool highlighting social and ecological considerations that assists Helvetia’s procurement staff in their purchasing decisions.

For further information see the respective chapter in the CR report 2014 of Helvetia insurances.

Guideline for sustainable procurement for Helvetia

March 2014 - May 2014

BSD Consulting supported Helvetia, one of the leading Swiss insurance companies, with the further development of an internal guideline for sustainable procurement. Helvetia’s purchased goods worth approx. CHF 18 million (2014) only account for a small portion of the overall business volume. Nevertheless, Helvetia seeks to consider ecological, social and governance issues in their purchasing practices. Therefore, an internal guideline defining critical requirements and criteria for the procurement of goods and services was developed.

  • Helvetia Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Zurich, Switzerland