Impact Evaluation of the Equitable Food Initiative

Impact Evaluation of the Equitable Food Initiative (2017)

March 2017 - Present

Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a safer, more equitable food system. EFI has developed a Leadership Training Program that is designed to create empowerment and leadership among farmworkers and enable them to participate more effectively in the farms where they work. EFI has also developed a set of standards and a certification system that enables farms to measure their compliance with labor standards, food safety and pesticide application.

BSD Consulting conducted an impact assessment of the EFI Standards by surveying certified farms. The goal of the assessment was to identify how the standards and certifications align with EFI's Theory of Change. BSD designed a methodology for the evaluation, collected quantitative and qualitative data through field visits and engagement with stakeholders, which included farm management, workers and buyers. The assessment resulted in a report that outlined what impacts the standards, what challenges farms face in compliance and what improvements are needed. The assessment also provides recommendations to EFI on how the organization should address the challenges that the assessment uncovered.

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