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Case Study

What is the role of sustainability in the procurement of bed linen by Swiss hospitals? For the study on the procurement of bed linen, all nearly 300 Swiss hospitals were surveyed in a standardized manner regarding their purchasing behavior of bed linen, of which around 40 had replied. In addition, interviews were conducted with a dozen Swiss hospitals.
The results of the study show that interviewed hospitals hardly focus on the upstream stages in the supply chain, ie the processes where the greatest social and environmental risks are present, but rather, if at all, primarily the laundries are the focus. About half of responding hospitals stated that they define ecological and social criteria in the procurement of bed linen. Only a small part of the hospitals integrate concrete sustainability standards such as BSCI, FWF, SA 8000 or GOTS in their calls for tenders and calls for corresponding certificates as proof of social and ecological criteria. In most cases self-commitment is accepted, but this does not guarantee the concrete implementation of sustainability criteria. In the field of ecology, the environmental management of the laundry is often taken into account, in which hospitals can save large amounts of CO2.
In addition to the report, BSD Consulting has provided a service section with an overview of the supply chain and how to deal with relevant products in order to provide the purchasers of hospitals or nursing homes with instruments that make it easier for them to procure sustainable laundry.

Study ‘Sourcing of sustainable flatwashing by Swiss hospitals’

Service Section ‘Sourcing of sustainable flatwashing by Swiss hospitals’

Study on the use of sustainably produced bed linen in Swiss hospitals

September 2016 - January 2017

On behalf of Dibella, the German manufacturer of object textiles for healthcare, hotels and gastronomy, as well as the foundation Pusch and Max Havelaar, BSD Consulting carried out a study on the procurement of sustainably produced bed linen in Swiss hospitals.

  • Dibella
  • Textiles, apparel and footwear
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Community involvement and development
  • Fair operating practices
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