Sustainability Strategy for cosnova
Case Study

The goal of the project was to create a strategic framework for cosnova’s sustainability commitment and activities.

    Analysis: In a first step, cosnova’s relevant sustainability impacts and issues have been identified, using context- and stakeholder analysis. Also, an assessment of product ingredients has been carried out during this phase. Quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with representatives of the company, as well as members of civil society, made sure that the different perceptions of stakeholders were taken into account.

      Focus: In a second step, key topics for the elaboration of the strategy were identified using relevance analysis. This included a materiality workshop with different representatives of the company who are in charge of implementing the strategy, as well as a comparison with competitors.

        Implementation: In the third phase, the specific goals of the sustainability strategy were determined. Further, implementation plans for each goal were developed during several workshops with the relevant persons from different departments. This step enriched the strategy with details and concrete measures necessary for the finalisation of the cosnova strategy document. BSD supported this process by conceptual consulting and moderation.

        This project served as the basis for a comprehensive sustainability management at cosnova, which has been created with inputs of those persons who are implementing the activities in the company.

        Sustainability Strategy for cosnova

        May 2015 - May 2016

        BSD Consulting supported cosnova Beauty, the company behind the cosmetics brands essence and CATRICE, in the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Building upon the existing sustainability activities of the company, the strategy development process focused on sound analyses (e.g. context analysis, benchmarking, analysis of the current state, including product ingredients), as well as qualitative and quantitative consultations with external stakeholders, employees and internal decision makers. Having identified three priority areas of activity, cosnova can now focus their activities and work towards issue-specific goals. Furthermore, the development of implementation plans including specific measures assures that the strategy can be embedded in the company’s processes. Thus the basis for a comprehensive sustainability management at cosnova has been created.

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