GRI Certified Training (online), Zurich

Online, Switzerland

08 六月 2021 - 10 六月 2021

Three-day certified training on how to compile a sustainability report according to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

活动语言: German

Online, Switzerland


Description of the course
This GRI certified training provides the know-how required for creating a sustainability report based on the GRI Standards. You will receive concrete recommendations for action on how you can produce a high-quality sustainability report with manageable effort, which focuses on the key issues and specifically addresses your relevant stakeholders. The training is based on the current GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards for sustainability reporting and is illustrated with local examples. The training also provides an insight into current developments and trends in sustainability reporting. Presentations, case studies, group activities and best practice examples will complete the training and ensure the added value of the training.

Training participants will receive an official certificate issued by GRI and the entitlement to two hours of free consulting by BSD Consulting. BSD Consulting is a certified training partner of the GRI and has many years of experience in sustainability reporting and sustainability management.

The online course will take place as follows:
Day 1: Tuesday, June 8th from 8:00 - 13:30
Day 2: Wednesday, June 9th from 8:00 - 13:30
Day 3: Thursday, June 10th from 08:00 - 13:30

Target audience
The course is mainly aimed at people from companies who want to develop a sustainability report or improve an existing one.

- Responsible persons for Sustainability, Health and Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility, Reporting, Communications, Finance, Marketing and Analysts
- Interested parties from related fields (environment, social affairs, quality, etc.)
- Small to large companies from all sectors

In addition to company representatives, employees of non-profit organizations and public institutions can participate.

We can offer this online training at a fee of CHF 1’400.

The price includes participation in training, course documentation, and a certificate issued by GRI. Furthermore, the course fee also includes two hours of individual coaching, which you can take up to 6 months after the course.

Each additional person from the same organisation in the same training course pays CHF 1,300.

Melanie Knöppchen will be happy to assist you with registration or any further questions you may have:
Office: +41 44 260 60 24

For cancellations one month before the course starts, we charge 50% of the course fee. If you cancel your registration within 10 working days prior to the course, the entire costs will be charged. A rebooking to another course date will be charged with a CHF 500 rebooking fee.

BSD 办公室:
苏黎世, 瑞士
Zurich, Switzerland

BSD Consulting
Pfingstweidstrasse 16
8005, 苏黎世, 瑞士
T +41 44 260 60 65
F +41 44 260 60 66


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Training Partner

全球报告倡议组织 (Global Reporting Initiative, GRI) 率先制定了全球应用最为广泛的可持续发展报告框架,更不遗余力地追求框架的不断改善和全球推广应用。为了推进这一战略,GRI 授权不同组织为正式培训合作伙伴。BSD 在拉美地区、西班牙、德国、葡萄牙及瑞士都获得了 GRI 认证培训合作伙伴 (GRI Certified Training Partner) 资格。

BSD 课程


我们可以提供各种联合国全球契约 (Global Impact) 组织认可的课程,课题范围广泛,比如“全球契约”原则、进展情况的沟通,以及 ISO 26000、全球报告倡议组织 (Global Reporting Initiative, GRI) 和“全球契约”原则之间的关系。





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